At Visionary Entrepreneur Staffing & Business Incubator, we invigorate growth. We understand the difficulties in connecting the entrepreneurial dots to success. Our programs are designed to assist motivated individuals, founders and teams strategize.

Access Jobs Now • Plan For Business • Implement a Model • Execute

Program Approach

A Staffing and Business Incubator that maintains 50% of the earned capital of its talented staff in order to invest it into building enduring value and talented entrepreneurial companies in preparation for business development and funding through an incubation process that connects talent with employer demand.

We are willing to implement management and maintain partnerships with our emerging business talent or at least retain 50% shareholders by developing operational systems for the company including it’s capital raising campaigns to ensure success. Lastly, we strategize through acquisition, and how to finance acquisition deals as well as source and execute that transaction.


Our aim is to develop companies on to possessing superior “business models”.

We seek to employee and incubate the talent we need in various markets including C-Level Leadership, Operations, HR, Administration, Marketing and Sales for every organization.

Services provided for businesses developed include collaboration from other participants and conglomerate affiliates as a part of an entrepreneurial incubator. Part of the reason we hire our talent is because of their determination to be their own boss, and develop their craft and in turn their own organization's visibility. Our talent needs introductions to key relationships to take their businesses to the next level. These strategic relationships span government, legal, publishing, marketing, video production and many other areas. Joining our team offers a marketing network, access to resource centers with needed equipment and preset information software that will enhance their productivity.

Do you think you have what it takes to collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs and future CEO'S?